Trial Investigations is a Florida's investigation company. Our services are designed to gather information from individuals as well as corporations, and collect evidence to  help our customers with their cases. The Company's services are organized in four categories:


Whether you simply want the truth for your peace of mind or need the proof of infidelity for court, we can help you. Our Investigators will effectively gather evidence and facts to prove your case.


We are licensed in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, and capable to handle all complex cases, including surveillance, GSP monitoring, locates, witness statements, polygraphs, statements, criminal records search, civil records search, and background investigations at reasonable rates.

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If you have reason to believe that a parent or guardian is unfit or otherwise incapable of providing proper care for your child, you will generally be required to substantiate your claim in order for the courts to render a decision regarding child custody.


We can help you to acquire the necessary evidence, if such evidence exists, so that it may be properly presented to the court by your attorney. Our team of private investigators will work closely with you and your attorney to formulate a strategy which will help meet your objective.


At Trial Investigations, we conduct pre-marital investigations discreetly, professionally, and with your best interest at heart.


Our main goal is to provide you with the accurate personal information you need to make a well informed and thought out decision. We are here to help make sure you feel the safety and security you should feel when taking that next big step in your life. Let’s make sure the person your significant other says they are is who they really are.


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