We provide our clients with the highest quality of Investigation Services.  Most assignments are initiated within 24 hours.


Trial Investigations and Civil Process Plus are sister companies, and has been building discerning, professional relationships with many of South Florida’s leading civil litigation law firms and attorneys. Our proven and cost effective services have earned us a solid reputation, for obtaining "personal service" where others have failed.


With the advent of guarded and gated communities, private mailbox facilities, caller id and inexpensive video surveillance systems, the service of judicial process today has become an ART. Each “serve” is as individual as the person being served. Thus, service of judicial process now requires more than an expert command of the statutes; it calls for expertise, persistence and the ability to react professionally in unpredictable and often hostile circumstances.


Our Claim to Fame has been obtaining personal service upon the known "Professional" Defendant, Hostile Trial Witnesses, Evasive Dead-Beat Dads, the Rich and Famous and Foreign or Dissolved Corporations.

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It can make all the difference in a legal case or claim. Witness Put your trust in Trial Investigations for your witness statement needs. We will investigate the background of prospective witnesses to ensure reliability and veracity. Our statements are recorded digitally and are transcribed upon request.


Trial Investigations have special investigators to assist you with the legal and insurance professions in carrying out interviews and statements taking. Our team of trained investigators obtains statements from both clients and witnesses to help build evidence.


An effective Due Diligence program is essential for any business, especially those with international interests, investment partners, foreign business partners and other third parties.


Trial Investigations provides timely, actionable facts in a well-structured report format. The information we provide assists general counsel, risk management and corporate compliance efforts regarding transactional business, mergers and acquisitions and current or potential clients and business partners.


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